Original postcard-sized artwork by emerging European artists.

An exhibition exploring place, culture and individual creative practices

Amelie Fontaine lives and works in Paris. She graduated from the 'Ecole Normale Superior'
with a degree in decorative arts in 2010.

Ricardo Cavolo is an illustrator living and working in Madrid, Spain.

Bethan Lloyd Worthington graduated with an MA in Ceramics from the Royal College of Art in 2010. Her work can currently be seen in the prestigious Jerwood Drawing Prize, 2011.

Postcards from Europe  is a pan-European art project set up by a group of young artists and producers based in the UK. 

Interested in travel, stories, collaboration and creative practices, this group of young people set out to create conversation between emerging artists and designers from across Europe, to foster international collaboration, and to explore what it means to be a young artist in different corners of the world.

Through blogs, social networks, creative forums, and universities they invited artists to create a piece of work responding to the place in which they lived and worked. The work had to express something interesting and real about their relationship to their environment. The only other limitation was the size - 120mm x 170mm- the size of the average postcard. 

The result is an exhibition of original work selected from over 100 artists from across Europe. Varying widely in tone and media but united by their format and subject matter, the postcards offer glimpses into the lives and working practices of emerging European artists.